_What interests me

the games we play to make ends meet, the tools and skills we develop to deal with our incompetences, the time we spend to adjust to new furniture, the obstacles we encounter in getting to work, the gestures we do to appear not to have lost control,

Lies, unintended garbage, broken knowledge, bad table manners and other evidence of dubious social design,

that I can only agree on something if I can also disagree on it



Born 1981 in Athens, Greece

Studied Industrial Design Engineering (BSc) and Design for Interaction (MSc) at TU Delft, NL. (2004—2011)

Interned at FabLab / Waag Society, Amsterdam (2011–2012)

Research associate at the Delft Institute of Positive Design (2012—2014)

Studying Fine Arts & Interaction Design for Unstable Media (DOGTIME) at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL

working as freelance designer, researcher and visual artist.


2015 Frascati Theater, Amsterdam — "A night with Art in Context (Laughter)"

2015 De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam — Internet Yami-Ichi Black Market #6

2015 Oude Kerk, Amsterdam — "Wander & Wonder"

2015 De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam — Rietveld Uncut "Are You Alive Or Not".

2014 Meneer de Wit gallery — "The Good Friday"

2013 IDE/TU Delft: Positive Design Day — "Certain Sticks and Other Chance Encounters"

2012 Waag Society, Amsterdam — "The Making Of"

2011 Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam — "Modes of Use"

2010 Athens Video Art Festival — "Ice Cream Dialogs"

2009 OT 301 gallery, Amsterdam

_Presentations & live performances

2014 Workshop "Mnemonic devices" during the Night of Philosophy, Leeuwarden. In the context of Yvonne Dröge Wendel's presentation "Look, the human is so much more"

2014 Workshop "Prototyping for Interaction and Participation" IDE faculty, TU Delft.

2013 "FlipSides" by and with Zhana Ivanova in Les Urbaines Festival, Lausanne

2013 "FlipSides" by and with Zhana Ivanova in Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam

2013 Guest lecturer at the White Lady program "Design Research Tools", Design Academy Eindhoven.

2013 Guest lecturer "Design Research Methodology", IDE faculty, TU Delft.

2012 Guest lecturer 'Video for Designers', IDE faculty, TU Delft

2011 Presentation of 'Modes of Use' at TU Eindhoven, Industrial Design

2011 Presentation of "Product-Friendly User Desing" at IASDR 2011, 4th World Conference on Design Research, 'Diversity and Unity'


2013 Book: 'Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick'
ISBN: 978-94-6186-196-2
±160 copies available by request.

2011 Paper: 'Product-friednly user design' published in proceedings IASDR
conference 2011, Delft.

2011 Book: 'Modes of Use' Independently produced and published. Very limited availability.