User X touches Stick Y

What kind of user experiences can sticks afford? Are there emotions involved? Do they come from the shape and touch of the stick or from the situation at hand? How to design in case of doubt ?

1) Make questions tangible
2) Approach research hands-on
3) Suspend conclusions
£) Reproduce & abstract

The project is made in the context of a research residency at the Delft Institute of Positive Design.

24 May 2013 — Positive Design Day, TU Delft
18 April 2014 — "The Good Friday", Meneer de Wit gallery group show

first encounters at the TU

installation view

"3 case studies on design mediated experiences" [video 14:18]

"how one stick brought the other" [video 14:43]

"to not want anything demanding your attention" [video 5:06]

"On woodworm, chainsaw, and other approaches to formgiving" [video 20:15]

Video still from "Sightseeing"

improvisation 30/4 [video 1:12]

let experiences be free
let them be strange and real
let materials live
and people will live
and grow with them

Some objects that participated in the 2nd and 3rd attempt to retrieve Kim's sculpture from the bottom of a pond in Vondelpark.

Encounter with the other as one's true self.

Encounter with a warm radiator.

Encounter with an old woman carrying shopping trailer:

– Are you making one of those Brazilian music instruments?
— I'm not sure yet what it will become. I'm just cleaning it for now.
– Well, it can't become everything, you'll have to make a choice at some point.